If you love eclectic, unique industrial chic decor, this is a wonderful style choice for your home. Industrial chic features both rustic elements, natural tones and character to create timeless, beautiful pieces which complement any space. Industrial pieces look great paired with anything from vintage furniture to shabby chic decor. When it comes to one-of-a-kind decor styles for your home, you can always count on industrial chic for giving your home the character and contrast it needs. It is recognized by combining masculinity, metal and distressed wood.  Industrial decor on its own can have more of a masculine feel, while industrial chic usually refers to small added feminine elements to create a softer, feminine effect.  Industrial chic pieces are both useful and attractive, and are born from a simple, aptness approach to home decor. From mirrors to  lighting, industrial chic pieces are suitable for any room in your home.
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